You can reach Monte do Casarao by car. It’s a 1140-mile-drive from London. That is quite a long sit, but if you can spare the time, you can avoid the toll roads and enjoy the beautiful scenery.

If you have a car navigation system, you can ´beam up´ to the following coordinates:

For the Pomba exit:    W 8˚36́́ 25˝; N 37˚ 28́ 15˝
For Monte do Casarão             W 8˚ 35́ 57˝; N 37˚ 29́ 35˝

The closest destination your car navigator can find is Santa Barbara. Santa Barbara is not actually signposted, nor is it indicated on all that many road maps, so why the car navigator bothers with it is quite a mystery to us. As far as we know it is the name for a tiny chapel on top of one of the hills. Arriving from the west (São Teotónio) it is two more kilometers (1 mile and 427 yards) to Pomba. At Pomba you take the country lane on the left. If you arrive from the east (Monchique, Nave Rodondo) you need to exit the road 2 kilometers (1 mile and 427 yards) ahead of Santa Barbara. At Pomba you take the country lane on your right.

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