The development plan for Monte do Casarão has been drawn up in close consultation with local advisers and contractors.

The cottages have the typical ‘montes do Alentejo’ character, harmonising with the environment. They have been fitted with all modern conveniences.

Monte do Casarão is largely self-supporting:

  • Two wells (each 60 meters deep, drilled into the ragstone) ensure water sufficiency.
  • The power generation is an advanced system of 48 kV’s of batteries and a 50 kV diesel generator. The batteries supply our daily electricity; the diesel generator charges the batteries. If the batteries fail to provide the electricity needed, the diesel generator starts up.
  • Drain water is sufficiently purified at the estate to be discharged into the surface water.
  • Estate infrastructure includes: 2,3 kilometres of dirt road and - under ground - over 2 kilometres of power cables, water pipes, sewerage, telephone- and data networks.

The land has been planted with eucalyptus trees, sobreiros – cork oaks, some of which are over 150 years old - and azinheiros (holms). Sobreiros and azinheiros are protected by Portuguese law. By the way, did you know that Portugal supplies approximately 75 percent of all cork worldwide? 

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